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Diagonal Soccer Shooting Drill

Focus of the Drill

The focus of this drill is to essentially warm-up the players to a shooting practice or warm-up before a game. It is a good way to boost the energy levels of the players.

Drill Setup

To set up this drill, you must first create a grid of around 10X10 yards beyond the edge of the 18 yard box. After that, you have to Split the team into 2 lines on the far cones facing the goal. After this, one player from each line will step to the cone near the 18 yard box. Consequently, the stepping player will become the player that plays ball to the player at the cone farthest from the 18 yard box.

Diagonal Shooting Drill (soccer)

How to Play?

To start this drill, first of all the Player 1 will pass a diagonal ball to player 4. After this, the player 4 takes a touch and lays the ball into space for player 1 to run onto the ball. Player 1 will hit a first time strike on the goal. Player 1 will thus be the shooting player and will take the position of the player that set up his shot. This will be player 4. Then, the player 4 will set up the shot and he will switch lines. After that, Player 2 is the one that has to pass a diagonal ball to player 3. Following it will be the Player 3 laying off the ball to player 2 that is the one shooting first time on goal. This way, the Player 2 will become the target player and the player 3 will set up the shot. In this drill, you have to keep a check that the players switch lines so they use both feet for shooting.

Different Versions

There are different versions of this game depending on the target player. You can have the target player pick the balls up and throw them in the air for the shooting player to volley or half-volley.

Coaching Points

As a coach, you can focus on a clever controlled approach on the ball. You can tell the players to place their foot in good spot near the ball and then shoot the ball.


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