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3v2 Flying Changes

Focus of the Drill

This drill focuses on all aspects of the game in a 3v2 situation. Its major focus is on the runs of attackers and angle of support of the other players. It also teachers the players to about making the correct passing and shooting decisions. Moreover, skills like defensive shape, recovery runs, and working on mental alertness is also learned through this drill.

Drill Setup

To set up this drill, you have to first set up two goals that are facing each other and are around 35-40 yards apart. There should be a goalkeeper in each goal. You then have to divide the players into two even teams. You can name them as blue and red. There should be a cone on the left and another cone on the right side of the field marking the center of the field. The Red team has to start from one side, and the Blue team has to start from the other side.

3v2 Flying Changes

How to Play?

To begin this game, the 3 Blue players must step out with a ball and become attackers. In contrast the 2 Red players should step out and become defenders. In case the attacking team or the blue team scores, they are given a new ball and attack the other goal. The defenders or the red team then steps off, has to get back in their team s line, and two new defenders from red team should step on.

If the blue team does not score, they have to step off to the sidelines, and then the 2 defenders from red team become the attackers, and an additional player from red team is added into the attack. 2 new defenders from blue team have to step out after that. This is a diverse drill that works on a number of skills. In this game you must make sure the goalkeepers in each goal have a sufficient supply of balls. They shouldn’t pause between changes to learn quick transition and to focus on improving player's attention and awareness.

Different Versions

There are different versions of this drill depending on changing the number of players playing 2v1 or 1v1. You can introduce various restrictions including that you must beat defender before shooting.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you should make changes to the direction and speed of play. You should ensure the appropriate use of 1st touch and short or long passing. There should be a quick transition and good passing decisions.


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