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1 on 1 with Multiple Goals

Focus of the Drill

The main focus of this soccer drill is on teaching the team players some useful attacking skills. They can learn how to take on their opponent or how to attack space. It will also teach players some great defense techniques like the responsibility of man marking players one on one, trying to slow down the attack.

Drill Setup

You have to make a grid of the size of 40 X 40. After that, you have to divide your team into pairs with one ball given to each pair. Now you have to set up small goals randomly with flags placed inside the grid; one goal per pair. Every pair should begin at their own window.

1 on 1 with Multiple Goals

How to Play?

To play this game, every team will play 1v1 using their goal. All the goals have to be scored by dribbling across the goal line. Moreover, the goals can be scored from any side of their own goal. Players have to play for a duration of 1 to 2 minutes and then you can rotate the players.

Different Versions

Few alterations can be introduced in this game. You can open it up where each pair can score on any of the other goals. They are still paired up with their own partner and should not interfere with the other pairs. Goals can still be scored from any side of the goals by dribbling.

Coaching Points

As a coach, you should focus on both attacking and defending. In attacking, you can advise the players to be aware of other players, and focus on change of direction. For defending, you can ask the players to watch out, keep their knees bent and focus on the ball instead of the attacker’s moves in order to defend the goal.

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