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Traffic Jam Dribbling Game

Focus of the Drill

This is a fun game for children and it is very enjoyable way to increase dribbling skills and technique! It teaches the kids how to dribble around and how to get keep their heads up while dribbling and navigate better through small spaces or tougher in game scenarios.

Drill Setup

You have to set up the grid approximately 30 X 30 yards. After that, you have to randomly place tall cones and training sticks around the grid spread across the central part of the playing surface. After that, you have to divide the group into 4 teams. The teams will start on the corners of the grid with 1 ball per group.

Traffic Jam Dribbling Game

How to Play?

To start this game, the first player from each line will race through the “Traffic Jam” made out of training sticks and cones when the coach asks them to. They will try not hit a stick, cone, or another player. If they make it through the traffic jam, the coach will instruct them to dribble with speed to the line they are facing and pass the ball to the first player in line. That player has to quickly move towards the traffic jam to get through the traffic jam. Repeat this drill for fun, and let all players have a go more than once.

After about 10 minutes, you can combine two of the teams into a single team. After making the change, the players will be asked to race through the traffic jam to the cone on the opposite side of the grid, and also around that cone and then back through the traffic jam. At the end of the race the player should sit down to show to the group that they finished the race. The team with all players sitting down first will be the winner of the game. If the teams have odd numbers, the team with fewer players will have to nominate one player to do two dribble runs.

Different Versions

The game can have some changes for younger players as for them, you can start with one or two players entering the traffic jam at once.

Coaching Points

As a coach, try to make sure players are looking up, with full awareness and view of what is up ahead. Players of the 4 different teams enter the center area at the same time in this game. Also keep reminding the team players to keep the ball close while they enter the traffic area.

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