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Possession Game 2v1 and 1v1

Focus of the Drill

The primary and foremost focus of this particular soccer drill is on both the possession of the ball as well as the attacking penetration techniques. It teaches the basics of communication between the team players. It also helps in understanding switching the point of attack to keep possession of the ball and penetrate the defense.

Drill Setup

To set up this drill, you have to make a grid of size 10 x 20 with a midway line. You need to have two blue players in one section accompanied by one red player. You need to have one blue and one red player in the other section.

Possession Game 2v1 & 1v1

How to Play?

To start the game, you need to have the two blue players keep the ball away from the red defender. Whereas, the red player will be constantly trying to win the ball. After a specific number of passes, the two blue players will start looking for their teammate in the other section. Their teammate will be the one making runs to get into open space. In this game, the red player will try preventing this pass and will try to hinder it reaching the blue player on the far side. As the ball is played into the blue player, one of the blue teammates can join them in that section and they then begin playing 2 v 1 in that section until all passes have been made. After this, you will have to play the ball back into the original starting section, and the game continues in the same way. You can then rotate the players so everyone gets to play on both sides.

Different Versions

Some alterations can be introduced by starting with a 3 v 1 in one section and 1 v 1 in the other or even 3 v 1 and 2 v 1.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you can focus on getting a look up to the person in the other section every time. You can teach the players how to receive the ball with the body opened up to the field whenever they can. You can ask them to play the ball to the correct foot in order for the player to receive the ball opened up.

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