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Goalkeeper Pressure Cooker Shooting and Passing Drill

Focus of the Drill

This soccer drill focusses on giving the goalkeeper a good workout and practice. He will also work on passing and shooting with accuracy through this drill.

Drill Setup

You can set up this drill by having around 10 players in a circle around the center circle or outline a center circle with cones. Make sure that you have the keeper inside the circle. After that, you have to give the ball to one of the attackers around the circle.

Goalkeeper Pressure Cooker Shooting and Passing Drill

How to Play?

To start the game, make sure that the players around the circle must keep the ball moving by making one-touch passes. Note that in this drill, a player can shoot at the goalkeeper whenever he wants to. The goalkeeper should expect the shot anytime and react accordingly. The goalkeeper should returns the ball to one of the players around the center circle after defending the shot.

Different Versions

This drill can take different forms depending upon the instructions given to the players. While the goalkeeper warms up, the players can be guided to pass balls in rather than taking shots.

Coaching Points

As a coach, your focus should be on the keeper and their work principles. The feet of the goalkeeper must be moving them in position to obstruct all shots taken at the goal. The goalkeeper should be able to react and defend quickly.

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