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How to dribble with speed, when to dribble!

Focus of the Drill

This drill has been specially designed for any players finding it hard to analyze when they should make runs. Moreover, this dribbling drill is designed to make the players comfortable with scoring at full speed.

Drill Setup

In order to set up this drill, you first have to make two 20X20 yard grids that are around 12 yards away from each other. After that, let the drill begin with 5 attackers and 2 defenders in the one grid and with 4 attackers and 2 defenders in the other grid. The drill starts with the 5v2 grid.

When to dribble? Dribble with speed!

How to Play?

This drill starts after the Players have been instructed on the number of passes they are supposed to make. These passes can vary on the basis of age and expertise of the players in the drill. After these specific number of passes have been made, these players will have a fair chance opportunity to go to the other grid on the dribble. When they enter the new grid, the player will have to make a good passing decision. This will keep the play active and will save the play from the players in defense. Supporting players are the ones who are supposed to open up the grid by spreading out on the grid as much as they can.

Different Versions

The different variations which can be introduced in this drill include that you can restrict the number of touches allowed inside the grid by a player. Moreover, you can also allow one defender to track the dribbler and consequently enter the opposing grid.

Coaching Points

As a coach, you can instruct the players to do the following:

They can dribble their ball at speed.

They have to make a sensible decisions on when to dribble across grid.

Good decision making is very essential when entering opposite grid.

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