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Passing Drill To Improve Speed Of Play

Focus of the drill

This soccer drill is specially focused on improving the speed of play of the players. Moreover, it will also improve the decision making skills of the players in the overall game. It will also help the players with their passing accuracy under tough situations in the game.

Drill Setup

In order to set this drill up, you first have to make a grid of size approximately 15X15 yards. The size of the grid can be altered according the players’ abilities and age group. However, there should be around 4 players in each grid and two soccer balls. There should be 3 attackers against 1 defender. Keep it in mind that the defender has to hold an alternate jersey in his/her hands when defending.

How to play?

To start the game, you should have 3 attackers that are keeping the possession against one defender. The attackers are allowed to stand anywhere in the grid. The attackers should keep mobile as it would help them create support for the teammate that has the ball. The defender’s aim is to touch the attacker when he has the ball. They are not supposed to win the ball. If the defender succeeds in doing this, he will have to give the alternate jersey to the attacker which will lead them to switching roles. In case the attackers succeed in holding the ball until the count of "30 elephants", they will earn one point.

Passing Drill - Improving Speed of Play

Different Versions

This drill can have different versions according to the number of touches allowed by the attacking players. Moreover, you can have the defenders challenge the players for the ball and switch roles when ball is won.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you must make sure that the players are mobile and running at angles to create space for each other. You can also help the players think faster than the defenders so they anticipate the ball’s position in advance. You can teach the players to make good passes with the right amount of pace. You can also introduce combination play into the mix.

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