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Criss Cross Dribbling Game

Focus of the Drill

This drill focuses on players of young age, and helps them learn how to dribble with speed while keeping their head up. This can be dangerous for players who tend to dribble with their heads down.


To set up this drill, first make four 7X7 yard grids by creating a big 30X30 grid and then sectioning off the corners. Next, create four different teams with different colors, of 3-6 players each. Assign a grid to each respective team and give them numbers.

Criss Cross Dribbling Game

How To Play

Following guidelines need to be followed:

  1. The coach needs to tell a pair of team numbers to switch boxes with each other.

  2. Begin with only two groups working against each other. Their objective is to dribble into their opponent’s grid as fast as they can and stop their ball in the grid.

  3. The first team with the entire team in their opponents grid, with their balls stationary, is awarded a point.

  4. Players need to keep their heads up and ball close since other players might be coming towards them.

Different Versions

Once the players get used to two teams switching, then make all 4 teams switch at once. Tell the groups to switch diagonally, such that they all end up meeting in the middle. This may get dangerous, so make sure the players are at a skill level where they can accomplish this.

Coaching Tips

The players need to keep the ball close and their heads up. Tell players to do this drill at greater speeds once they are comfortable with it.

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