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2 vs 2 plus target attacker

Focus of the Drill

This drill focuses on numbers in an attacking or defending situation. It is an excellent situational game.


To setup for this drill, first make a grid that is around 30X40 yards. Also set a goal at one end and assign a goalkeeper to guard it. There should be a target player in red and four defenders in yellow. Remaining players stand in lines on top of the grid, facing the goal. 2 defenders are positioned in the middle of the grid, and around 18 yards from the goal, while the last 2 defenders are placed on the outside of the grid on the sidelines.

2 vs 2 plus target attacker

How To Play

Following guidelines need to be followed:

  1. Begin the drill by having the goalkeeper to push a ball to the beginning 2 attackers.

  2. The first 2 attacker’s join forces with the target player and form a 3v2 (2v2+1 target player) situation.

  3. The 2 defensive players attempt to stop the attackers from scoring.

  4. If the defenders take possession of the ball, they clear it past the line where the rest of the attacking players are standing.

  5. If the defenders are successful, the attackers will do 10 pushups.

  6. If the defenders are unsuccessful, the attackers continue with their play.

  7. If the ball gets out of play, then goalkeeper punts a new ball to the next players standing in line.

Coaching Tips


  • Players need to play to the target player without forcing the ball.

  • Players without the possession need to make good supporting runs.

  • Attackers need to get into angles where they can fire off a good shot.

  • The attackers need to combine passes to build up their attack.


  • The target player needs to be marked and the player closest needs to add pressure.

  • A good defensive position needs to be maintained.

  • Defenders need to work as a group of 2.

  • Defenders need to have a good defensive posture while they are defending the ball.

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