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Power/Finesse With A Twist

Focus of the Drill

This drill focuses on helping players be comfortable with long distance shots alongside close range shots/volleys/headers.


To setup this drill, have a goalkeeper positioned in the goal, with the rest of the players lined up behind a cone set at least 25 yards from goal.

Power/Finesse With A Twist

How To Play

Following guidelines need to be followed:

  1. Coach passes a ball to the first player in the line such that the shot occurs at the edge of the penalty box.

  2. Coach then tosses a ball which must ne volleyed or headed into the goal.

  3. If a player succeeds in making both shots, then another player is chosen.

  4. Each player must make both goals, or else they will be out.

  5. If the challenged player does make both of the shots, the original player is out.

Different Versions

The younger players may challenge the next player in the line.

Coaching Tips

Coach must observe following points:

  1. The players must have good body posture for striking.

  2. They must stay under control on areal balls (composure)

  3. Players must land on kicking foot when striking the first ball.

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