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5v2 Angle of Support Passing Drill

Focus of the Drill

This drill focuses on the angles of support, weight of passes and the quality of the 1st touch by the players.


To setup this drill, first make a grid that is around 12x12 or 10x10 yards, according to the level of expertise of the players. Place 2 defensive players inside the grid and the remaining 5 outside of it. A supply of balls will be needed for this drill.

5v2 Angle of Support Passing Drill

How To Play

Following guidelines are to be followed:

  1. Tell the 2 defensive players to maintain their positions inside the grid at all times and try to stop any passes from the players that are outside the grid.

  2. The players standing outside have to keep the balls away form the defensive players and try to make 10 consecutive passes.

Different Versions

The players standing outside may only touch the ball 2 times.

Coaching Tips

The coach needs to focus on the following points:

  1. Angle of support

  2. Angle of passes

  3. Weight of passes

  4. Quality of 1st touch

  5. Playing on toes

  6. Early support

  7. Good communication.

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