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Trapping and Controlling the Ball with Back to Goal

Focus of Drill

This drill focuses on receiving the ball on the chest, thighs and fast taps with control. It aims to teach players to turn, shield the ball and play the way they are facing when their backs are to the goal.


To setup this drill, first create a grid of around 20X30 yards, with an 8 yard long goal on the end line. Have one player start at the top of the grid with the attacker (player 2) approximately 5 yards in front of the goal in front of the server. Let the defender (player 3) begin at the very corner of the end line near the goal.

Trapping and Controlling the Ball with Back to Goal

How to play

Following guidelines need to be observed:

  1. The server (player 1) shoos the ball into the attacker (player 2).

  2. The defender (player 3) attempts to put the attacker (player 2) under pressure by shadowing him.

  3. The attacker needs to check in (i.e. move towards the ball being passed) and then make the appropriate decision to:

  • turn and beat the defender (1v1) and have a chance at shooting at the goal.

  • play the ball back to the server and play 2v1.

Different Versions

Player must have good control and turn, and he needs to shield or pass back to the server, depending on the situation.

The first touch must be into the space away from advancing player.

It is the controlling player’s decision to dribble or pass back.

Coaching Tips

Introduce additional players

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