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Trapping and Controlling the ball Facing Defender

Focus of Drill

This drill aims to work on trapping the ball and controlling it with the foot, thigh and chest whilst face to face with an opponent simultaneously.


To set up for this drill, set aside an area of around 20X30 yards and divide the team into triads of 3 players. Player 1 is positioned on one side whereas the other two players are on the direct opposite side. Player 1 begins with the ball.

Trapping and Controlling the ball Facing Defender

How to play

Following guidelines need to be observed:

  1. Player 1 serves that ball to player 2 and then move towards player 2 immediately afterwards.

  2. Player 2 moves to the point where the ball was served, having good touch control away from player 1 and attack the side where player 1 originally was.

  3. Player 2 then passes to player 3, and create a 2v1.

  4. The score will turn when the ball is stopped on the sideline while the two players are attacking.

  5. The server needs to serve the balls to the areas specified: chest, thigh and feet.

Different Versions

Add another defender almost 5-7 yards beyond player 2 and 3 for the purpose of adding pressure from the back side of the attackers. This defender needs to make a recovery run to get to the goal-side of the ball.

Coaching Tips

Following points need to be observed by the coach:

  1. Players need to have quick control and movement that is forward oriented.

  2. The first touch is into the space away from attacking player.

  3. The controlling player needs to decide whether to dribble or to pass the ball.

  4. The player needs to be controlling the ball properly (see links below)

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