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Team Tactics Dribbling in the Attacking Third

Focus of Drill

This drill involves team tactics and focuses on the timing and places to dribble when in the attacking third.


This drill needs a full sized goal and the attacking third of a field. Divide the team into 6 attackers, 6 defenders, a goalkeeper and a server. The server should have a supply of balls and is positioned mid-field. Defenders need to play man-to-man defense.

Team Tactics Dribbling in the Attacking Third

How to play

Following guidelines need to be observed:

  1. The attacking players need to move as much as they can to shake off the defenders. Then they may receive a pass from the server.

  2. As soon as the ball is received by the attacker, they must start dribbling after facing the designated defender.

  3. The decisions that need to be made include:

  • Take a shot if presented with an opportunity

  • Pass to a fellow player who might be in a better position

  • Keep dribbling and attempt to beat the defender

Different Versions

There should be no restrictions on the defenders.

Coaching Tips

Following points need to be observed by the coach:

  1. If a tight defense is maintained, there will be a huge risk in moving forward. But if goals are to be scored then that risk must be taken.

  2. Players need to work as a team to create space for each other and make room for goals.

  3. Decisions that need to be taken include:

  • Keep dribbling if a shot or a pass is unavailable

  • Dribble well enough to beat the defender and get behind him

  1. There should be no support.

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