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Soccer Tennis

Focus of the Drill

This drill is great for focusing on volleys and balls that come from up in the air and it can be played almost anywhere.


To set up this drill, first build a court that is 12 X 24 yards (2 12 yard squares). Then make a team of 3 players and assign them to each of the 12X12 grids.

Please note: The court size can be altered according to the number of players playing and their ages.

Soccer Tennis

How to Play

The guidelines for this drill are as follows:

  1. A player from one team must serve the ball from beyond the line. The ball must be volleyed, or half-volleyed to the other side of the court.

  2. The other team are allowed one bounce and 2 touches to send the ball back to the other side of the court. The ball doesn’t have to bounce and can also be played in 2 direct touch to the opposite side.

  3. If the ball bounces twice, or is kicked over the line and out of the court on the return, then a point is given to the serving team.

  4. The score is kept just like tennis.

Different Versions

Alter the limitations for the touches and the bounces accordingly to the age and skill level of the players.

Coaching Tips

The following points must be observed by the coach:


  2. This will help the players learn how to judge flighted balls and how to control them as well.

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