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Soccer Ball Smash

Focus of Drill

This drill aims to increase passing accuracy and is perfect for players who are beginning to learn the basics of passing.


To set up for this drill, first build a large grid that is around 40X50 yards. Get the players to form pairs with other and have each player take a ball. The paired players must stand near each other inside the grid but away from the other pairs.

Soccer Ball Smash

How to play

Following guidelines should be followed:

  1. As player 1 to pass his ball in the forward direction.

  2. As the ball stops moving, player 2 must try to pass his ball such that it strikes player 1’s ball.

  3. If player 2 misses the ball, then its player 1’s turn to try to hit player 2’s ball.

  4. If the players are successful in hitting each other’s balls, they get a point.

  5. The first player to reach 5 points is the winner.

Different Versions

Let groups alternate and repeat the drill.

Add limitations for the players, such as passing with only certain areas of the feet, like inside, outside, instep etc.

Coaching Tips

Following points need to be observed by the coach:

  1. The players need to be passing ball with the correct area of the foot.

  2. The weight of the pass needs to be good.

  3. Make sure that the planted foot is pointing towards the target direction.

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