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Hitters and Dodgers

Focus of Drill

This drill is perfect as a warmup exercise for younger players of the ages 5 to 9. This focuses on teaching players how to dribble and following that up with a pass. It is an enjoyable drill and the younger age groups will love this drill.


To set up for this drill, first outline a grid that is about 15X15 yards with disc cones. Adjust the size according to the age and number of the players. The number of players and the number of balls must be equal, but 3 players will start with 1 ball. These three players are designated the hitters while the remaining players are dispersed throughout the grid, and they are designated the dodgers.

Hitters and Dodgers

How to Play

Following guidelines are to be followed:

  1. The hitter must start off by dribbling inside and the grid and pass the ball to each other.

  2. They then take shots at the dodgers, who try to evade them.

  3. If didger gets struck by a ball, then he is to collect one of the remiaing balls from outside the grid and join in with the hitters.

  4. The players left in the end are the winners.

Coaching Tips

Following points need to be observed by the coach:

  1. Hitters need to keep their ball as close to them as possible while simultaneously keeping their heads up to look for dodgers to hit the ball at.

  2. Players need to have good passing form: by using the inside of the foot and with good pace and control over the ball.

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