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Dribbling Warm-up Drill

Focus of Drill

This drill is an excellent warm up, in addition to getting players numerous touches on the ball in a short period of time.


To setup this drill, first make the players stand in a line with flags approximately 10 yards in front of them. For this dribbling warm-up drill, the players should be in a small line with a flag or training stick about 10 yards in front of them. Divide players into groups where they work in groups of 3-4 players. The number of balls needs to be the same as the number of players.

Dribbling Warm-up Drill

How to play

Following guidelines need to be followed:

  1. The player standing first in each line will dribble to the flag, around it and then back to the line.

  2. As soon as the first player reaches halfway to the flag, the second player begins dribbling and so on.

  3. All players need to be moving at all times

  4. Then the following skills need to be performed by each player for 3-5 minutes:

  • Foundation side-to-side while moving forward simultaneously (bell touches)

  • Foundation side-to-side while moving backwards

  • Foundation on top of the ball while moving forward

  • Foundation on top of the ball while moving backwards

  • Roll with the bottom of the foot while facing left

  • Roll with the bottom of the foot while facing right

  • Outside-Inside dribble (outside right, inside right, outside left, inside left)

  • Outside-Outside-Inside same as above, but touch outside twice

Coaching Tips

Following points need to be observed by the coach:

  1. The player should focus on control skills

  2. Quality touches

  3. The body movements should be perfectly controlled

  4. The player need to lift his head while dribbling as well

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