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Cross And Finish Under Pressure

Focus of the Drill

This crossing and finishing drill focuses on crossing under pressure. Apart from that, it highlights the tips of finishing under pressure as well. It is also a good drill to improve the players health and fitness.


To set up this drill, the attacking third of the field along with a full size goal and a goalkeeper is needed so make sure you have them ready.

You should have access to a large supply of balls at the cone of player.

You have to split the team up which should be done evenly among each of the four cones positioned near midfield.

Cross And Finish Under Pressure

How to Play

To start this drill, first of all the Player 1 plays a firm ball into the corner of the field. The player 3 will run onto the ball.

The player 3 leaves his cone which is followed by the player 4 leaving his cone. This puts pressure on player 3.

Player 2 leaves to defend the player 1 on the cross.

Player 3 crosses the ball into player 1. Player 1 will then try to finish on goal.

You can also rotate players. This way they play both offense and defense on all spots.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, keep an eye on following things:


  1. For attackers, there should be a firm ball to get the ball deep towards the end line.

  2. The main focus should be on quick prep touch and cross from the wingers.

  3. Accurate timing on the runs and anticipation of the cross should be the key.


  1. They should sprint to close down the crosser faster while getting the inside position.

  2. Track runners and get inside.

  3. The balls must be cleared up and outside.

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