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4v4 And Target Players with 2 Goals

Focus of Drill

This drill is a 4v4 game but with a more realistic approach. It aims to teach players how to play into their target player.


To setup for this drill, first make a field that can conduct a 4v4 game, around 30X40 yards. Next, create two windows that are around 5 yards wide on both the right and left sides of the end line. Now, divide the players into two teams of five. Set up a 4v4 inside the grid. The remaining player will be the target player, and he will start on the end line outside the cones. Each additional player will be on the opposite side to their team. A supply of balls is also required for this drill.

4v4 And Target Players with 2 Goals

How to play

Following guidelines need to be observed:

  1. Both teams will play a regular 4v4, but the target players must move behind the windows and receive a pass.

  2. The target player then has to maintain a controlled possession of the ball, before attempting to make a goal.

  3. If a goal is made successfully, the player who originally passed the ball to the target player becomes the new target player and they exchange positions.

  4. The defending team is given possession of the ball and the game continues.

Different Versions

A third window could be added to the center of the end line. The target players can be locked and not rotated if you want to focus on them.

Coaching Tips

Following points should be observed by the coach:

In a 4 vs. 4 Offense Game:

  1. Vision – the players must look up and keep reading the game as the number of players are limited. The Player's heads should be constantly looking about.

  2. Communication – the players need to be communicating both verbally and non-verbally.

  3. Support – the players must use the entire playing area (width and length) to reach good supporting angles. They need to create passing options that allows the receiving players the most time and space possible.

  4. The use of 1st touch must be correct.

  5. The passes, whether long or short, must be correct.

  6. The players must constantly change the direction and speed of play.

  7. Players need to create goal scoring opportunities

In a 4 vs. 4 Defensive Game:

  1. Good Defensive Principles - Players must use pressure, cover and balance appropriately

  2. Players need to try to get many players behind the ball

  3. There must be good communication between players.

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