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2v2 or 1v1 - Get Outta Here

Focus of the Drill

This fast paced, 2v2 drill focuses on the wide aspects of soccer, like dribbling, passing and scoring.


To setup for this drill, first make a 25 x 15 yard grid with a goal at each end, and let players play 2v2. Alter the size of the field according to the skill level of the players.

2v2 or 1v1 - Get Outta Here

How to Play

Following guidelines need to be followed:

  1. Coach will stand on the touchline with many balls and players on the other side.

  2. Coach will play a ball into the game and the first players standing in the line will play 2v2.

  3. The player that scores a goal stays on the field, while the other player leaves.

  4. Ball is immediately played back into the game.

  5. If the ball is kicked out of the field then both players are removed from the field.

Different Versions

The game can start with a 1v1 and then go on to a 2v2, and even a 3v3.

The players must touch the ball as less as possible and maximize the passing.

To motivate players to take on defenders, you can add further limitations, such as beating the defender before passing on the ball and so on.

Coaching Tips

Following points need to be observed by the coach:

  1. The players need to enhance their small group passing skills.

  2. Early supporting by players need to be promoted.

  3. Skills to beat defenders and take shots at the goal need to be taught.

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