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1v1v1 Triangle Game

Focus of the Drill

This drill focuses on a multi-player attack situations and helps players to improve their dribbling skills, take on opposing players instead of avoiding them and shield their ball from snatches and finding the vision for a shot at the open goal. This is a defensive drill that helps players to be aware of their surroundings and tackling players while dribbling.


To set up this drill, first set three 2yrd goals around 15-20 yards apart in a triangular shape. Take three players from the team and tell them to defend their own goals while attacking the other two goals.

1v1v1 Triangle Game

How to Play

The goals can only be scored when the player dribbles through the goal, not with the ball passing through the goal on its own. This motivates players to engage with the defenders to defeat them for scoring goals in the gates behind them.

Different Versions

* The tall 9” cones can be used instead of the disc cones, as the goal. Players will attempt to knock over the cone to score a goal. This will help players to focus on passing accuracy as well.

Coaching Tips

The coach must take note of these points:

  1. When attacking, the players should dribble at speed and try to get behind the defenders to score a goal.

  2. The players need to be looking up to try to find the most vulnerable spot from where they can make their goal.

  3. When defensive, the players need to stay aware of their own position and revert as soon as possible when transitioning from offensive to defense.

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