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1v1 Dribble Attack With Shot

Focus of Drill

This 1v1 drill focuses on the dribbling skills needed to beat a defender and finish a play with a shot. It can also be used to prepare defensive players who are defending the dribble.


To setup for this drill, first create a 15X15 yard grid that is about 18 yards from goal. Next, position a goalkeeper and a defender at their respective positions inside the grid. The remaining players will begin at a cone that is positioned around 15 yards away from the grid. Each player will require their own ball.

1v1 Dribble Attack With Shot

How to play

Following guidelines need to be followed:

  1. The player standing first dribbles into the grid, and attempts to beat the defensive player, then finishes by dribbling out at the other side.

  2. A successful dribble means that the attacking player finishes with a shot at the goal.

  3. If possession of the ball is taken by the defensive player, or the ball gets out on either side of the grid, then the roles are reversed and the attacker quickly becomes defender.

  4. The player standing can go immediately after a shot ismade on the goal or the defensive player has taken possession of the ball.

Different Versions

The size of the grid may be increased or decreased to vary the difficulty for the defender. A second defender can be added and the grid made larger. The grid may also be moved further away from the goal, which will cause the player to take a longer shot.

Coaching Tips

Following points need to be observed by the coach:

  1. Players need to be constantly scanning the field while carrying the ball. They need to be aware of opponents, teammates, and space.

  2. Players need to be able to keep the ball as close as possible for maximum control.

  3. The player who is dribbling needs to keep a low center of gravity by keeping knees bent and by positioning head and chest over the ball. This helps players gain more maneouverability.

  4. Players need to be able to perform cuts and turns quickly to avoid tackles.

  5. Players need be able to perform feints to cause confusion in opponents while moving the ball into an attacking position.

  6. Players need to be confident about winning.

  7. Players need to come up with creative solutions for difficult situations. 1v1 games teach this best, which helps players increase their confidence as their skill is tested.

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