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Four Corners Aggressiveness and Fitness Drill

Focus of the drill

This soccer drill focuses on aggressiveness of the game so to train the team players in winning 50/50 balls. This also enhances the fitness and overall wellbeing of players. This drill will be more beneficial for U8 players and older.


To set up the game, first you have to create a grid that is 30x30 yards in size approximately. Then, you have to make 4 teams and make them stand at each of the four corner cones. The coach will have to stand outside the grid near the middle of 2 side cones with a large supply of soccer balls. After setting up, you are all ready to play the game.

Four Corners Aggressiveness and Fitness Drill

How to Play

To start the game, first the coach will play a ball into the center of the grid and shouts out a command to begin play. This will alert the players to move and then the first player in each of the 4 lines must sprint after the ball. This is done so to reach the ball first. Once the ball is won cleanly, the player must hold the ball away from the other players for 5 seconds before passing the ball back to the coach. If any player steals the ball from the person in possession, that player will then attempt to hold possession for 5 seconds. A team scores a point by successfully holding possession for 5 seconds and making a return pass to the coach. The first team to reach 5 points wins. The game continues in similar manner.

Different Versions

The coach can play different types of balls such as flighted balls, bouncing balls, rolling balls, balls with large amounts of top or back spin. This will make the players accustomed to playing different types of balls.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you should make sure that the players are taught to go after the ball aggressively with speed, determination and vigor. They

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