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Attacking the End Line Crossing Game

Focus of the Drill

This soccer drill mainly focuses on attacking from the end line from the flanks and serving a ball in. This is a great and hilarious crossing game play to isolate the flank players and getting them to serve the ball in front of the goal. This drill is dynamic and lets players know about their capacities.

Attacking the End Line Crossing Game


For setting up: 1. Start by using half of a field and then move the goal to the midfield line facing a goal on the end line.

2. By using 4-5 cones on each side, create a 10-yard wide channel along each touchline.

3. Two teams of 4 are made to play in the middle.

4. Each team has one player in the channel.

5. The goals should have a goalkeeper in both nets.

6. One team will start with the ball, and the remaining balls should be placed behind the goal.

How to Play

First of all , the Instructions are given to the players and they are made to play 4v4 in the middle area and 1v1 on the flanks in either channel.The ball has to be served from a channel to score a goal. In a scenario in which the ball is in the channel, the channel players should play 1v1 until one of the player’s breaks into the offensive end. At this point of situation, the defender should allow the cross. The four middle players become near post, far post, trail and supporting runs. Play is continued in the similar manner.

Different Versions

Following alterations can be made in the game play:

  1. You can increase or decrease the quantity of players in the middle as it suits the situation

  2. Your teams can use wall passes, takeovers or overlaps.

  3. The channel players can be made to rotate.

Coaching Tips

As a coach: 1. You should provide proper service of crosses from flanks.

2. Your focus should be on making sure that the attackers are making proper runs.

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