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Attacking From The Midfield

Focus of the Drill

The main focus of this attacking soccer drill is on building an attack from the midfield. Moreover, it highlights the midfield players thus focusing on them so they can get forward into the attacking third. This drill plays an essential role in grooming the midfield players.


For setting up:

  1. You have to first divide the field into 3rds using cones.

  2. Make sure to keep a keeper in the defensive third in the goal.

  3. 2 defensive players should be kept who play against 2 attacking players.

  4. 4 attacking and 3 defensive midfield players are placed in middle third.

  5. All defensive players should be wearing an alternate jersey.

  6. When the coach is on the side line, the game continues.

Attacking From The Midfield

How to Play

  1. The play starts when the coach serves a ball into the attacking midfielders.

  2. The attackers should focus on moving forward and attacking immediately in case the attacking mid players gain control of the ball.

  3. The mid field player is required to step and to play 3v2.

  4. Make sure that the defensive players play keep-away from the attacking team in case they win the ball.

Different Versions

Following changes can be introduced in game play:

  1. The furthest player from the ball can be made to step in and attack instead of making the person passing into the attacking 3rd step into the attack.

  2. You can easily increase or decrease the quantity of players according to needs and requirements.

  3. You can also change the numbers to focus on offensive attack or defensive shape.

Coaching Points

As a coach, you should:

  1. Ensure that there is proper distance between players and angles are accurate to receive passes.

  2. Keep an eye so that there is a display of good movement from attackers checking into the midfield players.

  3. Make sure the midfield players are getting into the attack. See if they are successfully playing off the attackers and attacking.

  4. The focus should be maintained on quickly swinging the ball through the midfield so the advantage of number up situations can be efficiently taken.

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