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Areal Balls in the 18 Yard Box

Focus of the Drill

This soccer drill focuses mainly on techniques and tactics of chipping, trapping and shooting inside the 18. If you need your team to feel more comfortable inside the penalty box, you have to practice inside the same box to get them used to the same field.


For setting up, you have to start by first dividing the team into 3 equal lines. Group A is on one corner of the penalty box near the end line. These players should have a large supply of soccer balls. Group B is on the other corner of the penalty box near the end line and Group C is at the top of the penalty box semi-circle. Goalkeeper should be present in the goal.

Areal Balls in the 18 Yard Box

How to Play

  1. When the game starts, first the first player from Group A serves a flighted ball across the face of the goal to Group B.

  2. That player from second group then takes the ball out of the air with a good control touch.

  3. He then passes the ball to Group C. Group C then takes a shot on goal.

  4. The players should rotate A, B then C.

Different Versions

Following alterations can be made in the game play:

You can easily restrict the number of touches (one-touch)

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you should first focus on quality of areal balls, control touches and shots made by the team players.

You should make the players more comfortable in front of the goal and focus on finishing the ball.

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