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4 Against 4 With 5 Goals Inside The 18 Yard Box

Focus of the drill

The soccer finishing drills majorly focus on improving the skills like heading, crossing and chipping of the team players. This requires a lot of stamina and practice. This drill requires the players to master every aspect of finishing while remaining inside the 18 yard box.

Drill Setup

There are four players in one team and two teams play in this 18 yard box. The keeper stands inside the big goal and the 4 small goals are set up on each corner of the 18 yard box.

4 Against 4 With 5 Goals Inside The 18 Yard Box

How to play?

Following are the guidelines related to this drill:

  1. The main focus of the team members X's is to score in goal 1 or goal 3. On the other hand, the O's would be required to score in goal 2 or goal 4.

  2. For the small goals, the goals would be given 1 point.

  3. The big goal will be protected by the keeper. By using the header or volley, both teams can score in the big goal.

  4. Scoring in big goal will add 2 points. These drills are meant to improve your spacing and runs. The team players will master the techniques for finishing, vision and communication.

  5. When a save is made, the keeper will have to play the ball toward the top of the 18 in the middle. This is done in order to create a 50/50 ball.

Different Versions

There are different variations you can introduce in the game:

  1. The touches can be limited to 1 or 2 touch.

  2. Perimeter players can be added at the top of the box to keep the game pace faster.

  3. Perimeter players can serve first time for an opportunity on the big goal.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you can:

  1. Create finishing opportunities for the players

  2. Switch the point of attack

  3. Vision of surrounding players (both offensively and defensively)

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