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One on One 50/50 Battle To Goal - Team Competition

Focus of the drill

The aim of this soccer drill is to improve on player fitness, winning 50-50 balls, goal scoring, shooting, goalkeeping, and. This soccer drill is fun for younger players, and helps develop basic skills of young soccer players.

Drill Setup

This drill should be set up with a full size goal. Depending on the age group the players will either be with a full size 11’s goal, or a 7’s goal with a goalkeeper in goal. The players should be split into two evenly matched teams, with one team aligning at each goal post. The players who are at the front of the line ready to compete for the ball in a 50/50 duel, but must start with one hand on the goal post. Place a cone on each side approximately 20 yards away from the goal. Make sure that the coach has plenty of balls to supply the players with.

1 on 1 50/50 Battle To Goal - Team Competition

How to play?

The coach can either use a whistle or shout “go” to give the players the signal to sprint as fast as they can around the cone that is in front of them. The coach plays a ball into space when the players are approaching the cone, for the players to chase in a 50/50 duel. The aim is to attack quickly, and battle for possession of the ball. The players are allowed to battle for possession for as long as they are moving forwards towards the goal, and then try to score as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

A point is only awarded to the team that scores, no points given for only winning possession. The first team to score 10 goals wins the game.

Coaching Tips

Make sure to tell the players to:

Sprint as fast as they possibly can around the cone.

Use their body strength to battle for the ball and win the 50/50 ball

Try get on the attack as quickly as possible once they have gained possession

Not quit once possession is lost, it is very important to show strength and aggression in order to win the ball back when defending.

Enjoy the drill, have fun, not to take it too seriously.

Different Versions

Alternatively have the players shoot on a smaller goal, if they are scoring too easily.

Adjust the cone position, either further away or at a slight sideways angle.

Practice areal control by varying the type of passes from the coach, having the ball bounce at different heights.

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