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4v3 Attack vs. Defense

Focus of the drill

The focus of this attacking drill is to sharpen the players’ finishing and give them the numerical advantage to score. The aim for the attackers is to always end each attack with a shot on goal, using the numerical advantage to their benefit and simulating a quick counter attack.

Drill Setup

Arrange a 30 X 30 grid where one side (the attackers) play towards the goal. The attackers and defenders should wear different colored bibs, with the coach selecting 3 defenders on one side and 4 attackers on the other. The defending side has a goalkeeper.

4v3 Attack vs. Defense

How to play?

The main point that the coach needs to stress is that the attackers should take advantage of the numerical advantage, spread out and create space, ending each attack with a shot on goal. The objective is to move the ball around to split the defense and open channels for teammates to run into in order to create clear chances.

The defenders will have to work hard in order to make up for being one man down, with good communication across the line, keeping the spaces closed and blocking any attempts on goal. This will help the players deal with how to cover situations of being one player down. If the defenders manage to win the ball, their objective is to complete a pass to the coach in order to end the attack. The coach can then restart the attack by passing the ball back to the attackers.

Different Versions

Depending on the play, and if there are too many or too few scoring chances, the coach can increase or decrease either the number of attackers or defenders to adjust the balance of play, so that the players get the most out of the drill.

Coaching Tips

For Attackers:

Frequent and rapid switch of play in order to try to catch the defense of balance or off guard.

Make sure to play smart, by thinking ahead, as well as physically with fast movement and fluidity of runs.

Ensure that the players understand when to switch tempo and increase the speed of play at the right time.

For Defenders:

Contain the play and keep the ball in front of the defense.

By moving forward as a unit, apply early pressure and make sure not to allow space behind the defensive line.

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