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Winger Taking on Outside Fullback

Focus of the Drill

The main focus of this dribbling drill is for the wingers to take on the outside fullbacks in the offensive third of the field.

Drill Setup

To setup this drill, you first have to have a full size goal in the attacking third of the field. After that, you have to split the whole team into 6 attackers, 6 defenders, a goalkeeper and a passing midfielder that serves the ball (starts play). The drill will start from the midfielder in the middle of the pitch with a good supply of balls. After that, you have to mark off a lane on each sideline which is 15 yards wide. In this drill, the left winger has to be placed in the left lane and a right winger has to be positioned in the right lane. There is one defender in each of the two lanes so the wingers play a 1v1 on each side. Position the remaining players (4v4) in between the two lanes.

Winger Taking on Outside Fullback

How to Play?

To start the game, you have to know that the outside fullbacks are the only players that are allowed in the lane. The game will start as soon the server plays the ball into one of the two outside wingers. The outside fullback must be told that he has to let the winger turn before he applies pressure to the winger.

After that, the winger will play 1v1 against the outside back. The main aim of the winger is to beat the fullback down the line. The winger can only pass into the middle of field after the defender is beaten.

Different Versions

There are different versions of this game depending upon the alteration in some rules. If a cross from the winger is allowed only after the defender has been beaten, then the game is restarted by the attacking team. Moreover, this will focus on crossing and finishing.

Coaching Points

As a coach, you need to get the wingers comfortable turning towards the goal and instruct them to attack the space behind the defender.


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