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2v1 Dribbling with Opposition

Focus of the drill

This dribbling drill is designed to create 2 versus 1 situations where the players have to learn when to pass and when to dribble. This also helps improve passing and dribbling skills and helping players make the correct decision during a competitive game.

Drill Setup

Set up a grid of approximately 30x15 yards, and divide the playing area in half so that the cones create two adjacent grids that are touching on one side. Put two attackers on one side of the goal that are facing the goal on the other side of the touchline. On the side of the middle line you place your defender. It is up to you if you opt to use a pugg goal or a larger goal and a goalkeeper, it depends on the age and skill level of your players.

2v1 Dribbling with Opposition

How to play?

Attacker one starts by playing the ball to attacker number two. The defender becomes active as soon as the ball is played and can actively start defending the attack. The defender must stay within the first grid when defending and is not allowed to go outside of the grid. Tell the attackers to take the defender on in an attempt to score a goal. The attacker that is in control of the ball must make a decision on whether to dribble past the defender or pass to his/her attacking partner in order to beat the defender.

Different Versions

To make the game harder or easier, you can chose to change between using a pugg goal or having a larger goal with a goalkeeper in it.

Coaching Tips

Try to actively give the players feedback on whether or not they made the right decision to either pass or dribble so that they improve their decision making.

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