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5v5 Dribbling Game

Focus of the Drill

This drill is a completely realistic setting that will help focus on improving players’ dribbling skills. The large number of players will cause players to make decisions between dribbling, passing and so on.

Drill Setup

To setup for this drill, first build a grid that is 30X40 yards. Next, split players into two teams of 5 players and 1 goalkeeper. Make a goal on each goal line as well.

5v5 Dribbling Game

How To Play

The players play a usual 5v5 game with the limitation that attacking player with the ball will have to beat a defender first, before he can either pass or shoot. This will motivate players to engage with defenders and work on their dribbling skills.

Different Versions

Do not put limitations and have the players play a casual 5v5 game.

Coaching Tips

Following points should be observed by the coach:

  1. The players must engage in dribbling against the defenders.

  2. Players need to make a good approach, and keep changing their direction and their pace.

  3. The decisions of whether to dribble, pass or shoot must be made by the players.

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