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Transition Drill

Focus of Drill

This drill is meant to be played at a very high speed, and allows you to focus on the conversion of offense to defense.


To set up this drill, first make a grid that is 15X15 yards. Then set 2 goals on each end, around 1 yard apart from each other. Now split the players into 2 teams (Red and Yellow).

Transition Drill

How to Play

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. The drill begins with one player from a team attempting to make a goal and a player from the other team trying to prevent a goal.

  2. They keep playing continuously until the ball is kicked out of the circle entirely, or a goal occurs.

  3. The defender is removed and the first player standing where the goal happened, or where the ball went over the line, immediately attacks the other goal against the remaining players.

  4. The drill goes on until one player scores 5 goals.

Different Versions

Play 2v2 or 3v3

Coaching Points

The coach must make note of the following:

  1. The players need to identify early identify transition situations. This will help them gain advantage in them, no matter whether they are defending or attacking.

  2. If the player identifies the situation fast, it gives him more time to utilize the best possible option.

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