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Target Players

Focus of the Drill

The main purpose of this attacking drill is to focus on the target players in the attacking third of the field.


To set up this drill, make sure to get a 25x25 yard grid and split down the middle. 8 players should be set up along with 2 separate areas and you must also get 2 groups of 8 for a total of 16.

How to Play

  1. To start playing this game, the Blue play 4v2 against the Yellow. The Blue attempt to find the target in the attacking half.

  2. As soon as the target is played, they send 3 more players over.

  3. Then one defender goes and helps to get the ball back.

  4. If the defender in the attacking half wins the ball as the ball is played across they must try and keep the ball away from that target as the 2 defenders from the other half come help play 3v1.

  5. A 2-touch limit will be put on these defenders as they try and keep the ball away from the target.

  6. When the target wins the ball back then they must play over to the waiting 3 players in the other half.

The purpose of this drill is to find the forward target and keep possession of the ball. It will be very difficult for the target to win the ball back if it is lost in the attacking half. This is mainly because they will soon be 2 men down. This will make players aware of the danger and risks of losing the ball. Players will also get to know about the drive and the energy needed to get the ball back in your possession.

The attacking team looks to get 10 changes before the players rotate into different roles. If the defender win the ball and connect 10 passes then the entire attacking team will do push-ups or sit-ups or sprints – whatever the coach decides.

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