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Shadow Dribbling

Focus of the Drill

This drill utilizes partners who do not make an attempt to take the ball, but remain alongside the dribbler for adding pressure. They copy every move made by the lead dribbler.


First set up a small grid that is approximately 20X20 yards. Now tell the players to form pairs and give each pair a ball.

Shadow Dribbling

How to Play

One of the players of the pair becomes the lead dribbler and dribbles inside the grid. The other player becomes the following dribbler and copies the lead dribbler’s movements at a very close distance. Reverse the lead and following dribblers after 1 minute.

Coaching Tips

The coach must observe the following very carefully:

  1. The players must have lifted their heads, with their eyes up.

  2. The players must have close control of the ball.

  3. The players must have control of their body movements.

  4. The players must utilize all parts of their feet while dribbling (inside, outside, top, bottom).

  5. The players must frequently change direction.

  6. The players must frequently change their pace.

  7. The lead dribbler must try to find ways to gain more space from the following dribbler.

  8. The lead dribbler needs to dribble with speed and control.

  9. You should encourage players to be creative with their techniques.

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