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Across-Field Warm-Up

Focus of Drill

This soccer drill focuses on technical skills during warm up sessions for soccer game. This is a great drill to do at the beginning of each game so as to make yourself prepared for the game ahead.


To set up the grid, make sure to divide the Players into pairs with 1 ball for each pair. Player 1 stands along the touchline and player 2 starts about 5 yards away facing their partner. Players 2 will start with the ball.

Across-Field Warm-Up

How to Play

In the beginning, the player 2 holds the ball in their hands and jogs backwards across the field. He makes tosses to their partner while doing so. The player 1 jugs forward and receives the ball. He then returns the ball to their partner. When the players reach the other touchline, the roles should be switched and return to the other touchline. The players should work on one of the following skills each time across the field.

Volly the ball back to the thrower with the inside of the foot - alternating right and left.

Volly the ball back to the thrower with the instep (shoe laces) - alternating right and left.

Trapping the ball with the thigh and returning it to the thrower.

Trapping with the chest and returning it to the thrower.

Heading back to the thrower – should make the receiver do jumping headers as well.

Different Variations

You can reverse the direction of the thrower and the receiver where the thrower jogs forward and the receiver jogs backwards.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, look towards following things:

  1. Keep an eye on the good body positioning behind the ball.

  2. Make note of the controlled touches before playing the ball back.

  3. Make sure that players get a good warm-up.

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