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4v4 Playing Wide Out of the Back

Focus of the Drill

This drill focuses to get players to play balls wide in defensive third of the field when playing from the back. Players will then easily recognize and they will find more time and space in the outside of the field.


For setting up this drill, you have to first create a grid approximately of 40X25 yards size. Then, you have to create a small goal on the end line with two cones. Then, proceed with creating two 7 yard channels along the outside of the field on the center line. Then, split the players into 2 teams of 4.

4v4 Playing Wide Out of the Back

How to Play

To begin the game, each team has a goal to defend. Score is added to team’s score when the ball is won in the back half of the field and played wide. Players are not allowed to go forward unless or until the ball is passed or dribbled through the channel first.

Different Versions

Follwng changes can be introduced in the game play:

You can limit players number of touches

You can also add a 2nd ball

The Ball must be PASSED through the channel

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you should focus on:

Once the ball is won, players must quickly open up for their teammates which will allow for quick switch

Players should think quickly during the play.

Once the ball is won defensively, keep possession of the ball and get out of the back by going wide.

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