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3v1 Early Support

Focus of the Drill

This soccer drill focuses on supporting the player with the ball. This support includes early support, moving without the ball, good angle and distance of support.


To set up this grid, you have to first create two 12X12 grids with one common side. After that, you have to continue by splitting the team into 2 groups of 3 players (3 red and 3 yellow). You then have to place3 red players and 1 yellow player in one grid. The rest of 2 yellow players are placed in the other grid.The single yellow player in the red grid will be the defender.

3v1 Early Support

How to Play

For this drill, the game is played a 3v1 in the first grid and it focuses on early support, good distance, giving the player with the ball two passing options and accurate angles.

Gaining control of ball and passing it to a player on their team in the other grid is the main aim of defender in this game. If he is able to do so, then he joins his team in the grid while the person who caused the turnover joins the grid as well, and is now the defender. In the new grid 3v1 game is played again.

Different Versions

You can introduce variation in this drill by limiting the number of touches in this game play.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, special attention on following things should be payed:

  1. There should be care of an early support which means that supporting should start before the ball is received.

  2. Maintenance of good angle is the key as the support in undefended space is needed where the pass cannot be intercepted by the defender.

  3. Moving without the ball is crucial part

  4. Pay attention to support on both sides of the attacker with the ball

  5. Focus on a good first touch is important in space towards a supporting player.

  6. Use of good deception should be practiced when playing.

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