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The Soccer Gauntlet

Focus of the Drill

The main focus of THE SOCCER GAUNTLET is centered around good dribbling technique in traffic. The dribbling technique requires sharp vision and awareness and this drill helps the players master that.


For setting up:

First, a grid is made with approximately 20x15 yard size. One defender is instructed to stand inside the grid without a ball. The remaining players will start on the end line with a ball.

The Soccer Gauntlet

How to Play

All of the attacking players dribble at speed to the other side line avoiding the defender when the coach asks to do so. If the defender wins the ball and kicks the ball out of the grid, that attacker becomes an additional defender on the next series. The last player to make it through the gauntlet wins the game.

Different Versions

To add changes to the game play, you can limit the foot the attacker can dribble with

Coaching Tips

As a coach, keep the following in mind: Try to tell players to keep the ball close when dribbling

Tell the team to stay in control of your body and ball

Tell them to keep their eyes up to avoid pressure

Make them dribble into space avoiding pressure

Make them dribble with speed when in open space

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