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The Greeting Game

Focus of Drill

The importance of this soccer drill lies in the fact that it is specifically designed for younger players (U-6 and U-8). This drill will help the players significantly in moving, greeting, and a building block to introduce dribbling. This soccer drill is especially suitable for Camp activities for the younger players.


For setting up:

You have to build a grid that is of size 15X20 yards using cones. Make all the players come inside the grid.

The Greeting Game

How to Play

Following are the instructions for this drill:

  1. All the players should run randomly inside the grid.

  2. The coach will call out various types of greetings which will be followed by the players.

  3. Players will shake hands, high five and other greetings will be done by them.

Different Versions

You can add dribbling in this soccer drill to add more excitement and fun element for young players.

Coaching Tips

As a coach you should ask the team players to keep the ball close and don't run into other players during the dribble.

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