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Split the Defenders Passing Game

Focus of the Drill

This soccer drill has been designed specially to fit the needs of advanced players falling in the age group of 11 years old to 14 years old. This drill will focus on passing to split two defenders.


For setting the grid, you have to do the following things: 1. First of all, you have to make a grid of size approximately 18x18 yards.

2. Then, you have to split the team into three teams of two players per grid.

3. You can also build multiple grids for additional games.

Split the Defenders Passing Game

How to Play?

Following are the guidelines you need to follow during the game play: 1. Two teams can work together on the outside of the grid while the 2 defenders can work on the inside of the grid.

2. The four players on the outside keep possession of the ball. 3. These four players have to keep the ball from the defending team in the grid.

4. A point is scored by the outside team when the ball is passed between two defenders (SPLIT) and is received by their teammate across the grid.

5. If a player on the attacking team makes a mistake, he and his partner become the defenders and the team winning the ball comes outside the cones and joins the other attackers.

6. When the defensive team gets split, they have to win the ball 1 extra time.

Different Versions

Following are few changes you can introduce in the game play: 1. You can limit the number of touches per possession to as many as suit you

2. You can play the same game, but expand the grid 3-5 yards on all sides. You can also have the players play inside the grid instead of outside the grid.

Coaching Points

As a coach, you should keep following things in mind: 1. You have to make sure that the attacking players are moving for their partners and opening up in space.

2. You have to make sure that the balls are passed with good speed and are reaching on target

3. You must encourage players to communicate verbally alongwith their body language.

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