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Red Light, Green Light

Focus of Drill

The main focus of this soccer dribbling drill is to work on the movement of the U6 and U8 Players. This drill highlights the importance of dribbling with the ball closely in order to control the dribble and stop when you want to.


For setting up:

  1. You have to make sure to create a starting line for each of the players

  2. The coach should move at least 15-20 yards away from the players

Red Light, Green Light

How to Play

Following instructions would help you understand how this drill is done:

  1. The coach should start with his back facing towards the players

  2. When the coach yells GREEN LIGHT, the players would try to move forward while dribbling towards the coach at the same time.

  3. When the coach yells RED LIGHT, he should wait for a moment and then turn his face towards the players.

  4. If someone fails in stopping the drill, he has to go back to the farthest person from the coach.

Different Versions

Following changes can be introduced in this drill: You can have the players dribble with only the right or left foot.

Coaching Points

As a coach, try to keep following things in mind: Try to make sure the players keep the ball close so they can stop the dribble easily.

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