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Quick Transition Game

Focus of the Drill

This soccer drill focuses on attacking and defending tactics of the players. It is great for teaching the basic principles of soccer to the team players. The game can be modified to teach many aspects of the game according to the training requirements of the team.


For setting up, you have to first create a 35X45 yard size field with two goals in either end with two goalkeepers in each goal. You then have to split up the team into 3 teams of 4 players and give each team a color.

Quick Transition Game

How to Play

To start the game, first of all the team of one color e.g. Yellow team is made to attack against Blue team . Red players start with two players at each of the two goals. They basically act as neutral supporting players to both colors playing.

If the Yellow team scores on the Blue team, the Yellow team has to quickly retrieve the ball from the goal. The yellow team has to then attack the goal on the opposite end-line.

The Blue team will then have to steps off to become the supporting players along the outside and in he contrast, the Red team will then step on the field to play against the Yellow team. This rotation will continue and the first team to 5 goals will be the winner.

Different Versions

Following changes can be made in game play: You can make supporting players play in 1 touch. The attackers can be made to play through the supporting players before they can score a goal

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you have to:

Focus on basic Defending Principles being followed by the team.

Keep an eye on basic Attacking rules the team players are acting upon

You have to encourage team players to play through the supporting players to make play easier.

You have to make sure supporting players are moving to good space to properly support the play.

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