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Jam-Packed Soccer Dribbling Drill

Focus of Drill

This soccer dribbling drill focuses on giving the team players enough boost and confidence while dribbling so they can easily make their way even through the most congested areas on the soccer field. This dribbling drill is indeed extremely crucial for the team players.


To set up this drill, you have to first create a wide circle with disc cones that is around 20 yards in circumference and size. You have to make sure that each team player has a ball. After that, the team players must be instructed to line up around the outside of the circle.

Jam-Packed Soccer Dribbling Drill

How to Play

To begin the game, the players dribble around the outside of the circle of disc cones in the same direction. The players should be well informed by the coach so that they listen for certain queues. The players must perform those specified actions once the coach gives the command. These commands are: JOG – In this command, the team players have to dribble at a very average and comfortable speed

FULL SPEED – Here, all the players have to dribble the ball at a very high speed

CUT – Here, the team players have to cut the ball in the other direction. Then, they have to travel in the other direction around the circle of disc cones

CROSS – In this command, all team players have to cut across the grid avoiding contact with other players or other player’s balls.

Different Versions

Following alterations and changes can be introduced in this drill:

You can brainstorm and think of other commands which you can add to the drill.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you can do the following things: 1. First of all, you have to make sure that the team players are looking ahead of them with their head up as all the four team players should be entering the center area at the same

2. You have to keep reminding the players to keep the ball close when entering the traffic area

3. You have to get the players to start playing with their arms up and out for balance and shielding

4. Keep giving guidance and instructing all the players so they dribble the ball with both feet using all parts of the foot

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