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Goalkeeper - Shooting Angle

Focus of the Drill

This Goalkeeping Shooting Angle Drill focus on further polishing and improving the positioning and angles of Goalkeeper during the game when he is being shot on. This drill will not only strengthen the correct footwork techniques of the goalkeeper but will also help him angles. This drill is a must thing to do if the team wants their goalkeeper working at his best.


For setting up this frill, first make sure that 6-10 servers are positioned across the outer edge of the penalty area. They must be standing in front of the goal. Each server of all the servers should start with a ball. After that, the game begins.

Goalkeeper - Shooting Angle

How to Play

Following are some mandatory guidelines to keep in mind during game play: 1. The role of servers in the game is to push the ball to the left, right or straight at the goal. Then the server shoots at the ball.

2. The goalkeeper must keep the ball’s position in mind while adjusting his own position.

3. After getting his feet in positon and positioning himself in ready position, the goalkeeper will make the save.

4. Without any delays, the goalkeeper s must set for the next shooter. In this way, the game continues and repeats.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you should keep an eye on following things: 1. The footwork of team players must be quick. They should not cross their feet during shuffling the ball.

2. The team should practice on angles and positioning of moving ball.

3. The feet of players must be always ready for the shot

4. Players should make use of their reflexes and should react quick to the shot

5. Players must have a strong and firm grip on the ball

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