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Extreme Tag

Focus of Drill

This fun soccer drill focuses on polishing the young soccer players’ dribbling skills and helps them in getting awareness about their dribbling skills. It is an essential drill that helps players to change directions quickly to find space. As compared to Soccer tag, this game is harder.


To set up for this dribble drill:

  1. You have to create a grid approximately of size 20X20.

  2. The size of the yard depends solely on the quantity of players.

  3. Its mandatory for each player to have their own soccer ball.

  4. No player should be sharing the ball.

Extreme Tag

How to Play

  1. The players dribble around in this drill throughout the domain of the grid.

  2. Their main focus is to try to avoid themselves from getting tagged by the other players.

  3. Tag must be made below the players’ knee in order to receive score.

  4. Each correct tag will result in a score point awarded to the player who tags.

  5. If the player gets tagged, a point is deducted from their total score.

  6. The player who scores 5 points fastest, wins that round.

Coaching Points

As a coach:

  1. Keep an eye on the players to make sure they are dribbling with their head up

  2. Teach the team players to look for an open space

  3. Teach the players to keep the ball close as they will want to leave their ball when being chased

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