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Defensive Overlapping Drill

Focus of the Drill

This drill focuses mainly on teaching fullbacks to overlap midfielders. It also teaches how to get the defenders into the attack. This drill serves as preliminary and essential step for teaching defensive overlaps to the players.

How to Play

  1. When the game begins, first of all the right fullback player starts with the ball.

  2. He will then pass the ball to the right midfielder player.

  3. The right fullback player will then make a overlapping run around the outside midfielder player.

  4. The right outside midfielder player will then pass the ball to the checking forward player.

  5. This forward player will then drop the ball off to the center midfield player.

  6. The center midfielder will play a ball towards the right corner flag onto the run of the right defensive player.

  7. This right defensive player will then prep the ball and cross the ball into the two forwards who have advanced towards the face of the goal.

Defensive Overlapping Drill

Different Versions

By introducing following changes, you can give new direction to this drill:

  1. You can add team players to run on the same pattern, but on the left side of the field.

  2. You can even add passive defensive players to increase pressure on the attackers.

Coaching Tips

As a coach, you can do following things: 1. You should quickly get into attacking half of field in the game

2. You should keep accurate timing of runs

3. You must take note of precise passes and 1 and 2 touch passing.

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