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Control and Trapping Small Sided Game

Focus of Drill The main focus of this drill is to serve as an exercise which not only focuses on control but also on trapping. It’s a great trapping drill that helps focus on when and where to receive the ball. It is great for players who want to master the control.


For setting up,a grid of approximately 40X60 yards with goals on each end is created. Then a split is made in the teams into 6v6 and a goalkeeper is placed in each goal. The game starts after it.

Soccer Control and Trapping Small Sided Game

How to Play

First the player throws to a teammate, then the teammate must control the ball to the ground . After that, the receiving player picks up his trapped ball and throws to a teammate. Players are not able to run while holding the ball. The opposition should attempt to intercept the ball by controlling the ball out of the air, or picking up a poorly trapped ball from the other team.

A goal can be stored at anytime from anywhere within the grid as long as the shot is taken from controlling the ball to the ground.

Different Versions

1) The team players can be allowed to throw to a teammate

2) The teammate can control the ball to the ground after that

3) He can then pass the ball to the teammate 4) the teammate receives the ball and throws to next teammate and so on.

Coaching Points

As a coach, you should focus on following things: 1. How and where to trap the ball

2. The supporting players should move off the ball to create space and avoid pressure.

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